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We offer services to undertake the risks of various uncollectible debts

Thanks to the development of information technology and financial technology, the environment surrounding financial institutions is changing rapidly. Under these circumstances, financial institutions are taking a multidimensional approach in order to increase revenues and expand their financial services. We provide a variety of services to enable these financial institutions to establish new financial services.

Our services make it possible for financial institutions to handle credit risks for which they are unable to obtain financial information for assessment and analysis. We also provide outsourcing services, such as reassurance and claim settlement, for financial institutions that would like to introduce the guarantee businesses as a new source of revenue as we have. There are financial institutions and major leasing companies which have already introduced guarantee businesses using our services.

Aiming to be the largest company in Asia to guarantee credit risks

We guarantee credit risks owned by financial institutions that conduct factoring as well as the guarantee businesses. In recent years, companies are increasingly interested in risk management.
With this trend, more and more financial institutions are newly introducing the guarantee business. Our experience in guaranteeing and handling various kinds of risks allows our company to support our clients’ guarantee businesses at financial institutions.

Aiming to be the largest company in Asia to guarantee credit risks

For loans backed by accounts receivables, our company provides services to hedge the detraction risks of collateral securities by guaranteeing accounts receivables.
These services make it easier for financial institutions to grant loans and expand revenue.

Aiming to be the largest company in Asia to guarantee credit risks

We guarantee advance payment credit owned by card companies and credit companies.
Our service makes it possible for card companies and credit companies to handle expensive risks that were once difficult to handle.

Aiming to be the largest company in Asia to guarantee credit risks

We provide a variety of guarantee-related services for investment companies that are considering acquiring a company.

As it is difficult to obtain financial information on transaction partners for sales credit to carry out asset assessment, it is also hard to evaluate the maximum amount of potential loss in the acquisition. There are also cases where additional funds are required post-acquisition or the operating capital turns out to be insufficient for business activities.

We use our expertise in assets assessment for sales credit in order to provide support for investment companies in reviewing investment possibilities. If an investment company wants to use asset assessment to reduce uncollectible sales credit risks, we undertake the subordinated credit risks in order to reduce the maximum amount of potential loss. Also, cooperation with financial institutions makes it possible for companies to receive additional loans through the use of sales credit as collateral by avoiding detraction risks. Because our company guarantees that investment companies can make a purchase for the value of their premium, investment companies can make a purchase and pay in arrears. In this way, we help investment companies improve their fund procurement situation.

Aiming to be the largest company in Asia to guarantee credit risks

With regard to DIP financing for reconstructing companies, we provide support in fund procurement through asset coverage using our guarantee services.

As it is difficult for reconstructing companies to procure funds, our company undertakes the subordinated risks based on the asset assessment of their sales credit in cooperation with the financial institutions and investment companies involved in the reconstruction. Therefore, the credit can be liquidated. Also, when reconstructing companies are the clients, we guarantee a purchase for the value of the premium to make it possible for them to make a purchase and pay in arrears in order to improve their fund procurement situation and accelerate their reconstruction.