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Our Strategies

Our company uses the following three management strategies in order to achieve our goal of growing while maintaining profitability and competitiveness by making it possible to handle higher and more complex risks while also expanding the overall range of he market to increase awareness of the credit risk taking business as a financial service by undertaking a variety of credit risks for lower prices.

Expanding the sales network

We aim to strengthen our sales ability by actively expanding mutually beneficial partnerships with influential companies and local financial institutions in the sales domain and establishing a stable countrywide sales network.

With regard to the domestic market, we will make efforts to expand services by promoting sales using the branding power of the major financial institutions that are our partners. At the same time, we will also engage in building a sales network in the Asian region through expanded partnerships with financial institutions that carry out transactions with overseas companies.

Expanding and diversifying the credit covered by our services

For commercial companies, we will aim to utilize our expertise to strengthen our services to cover credit other than sales credit in order to meet the needs of more clients. For this purpose, we will expand and diversify the credit covered by our services by flexibly handling risks through, for example, the segmentation of rates by client, as well as by handling expensive risks, long-term risks, risks that are not tied to debts and credits, and so on.

For financial institutions, we will to actively undertake various types of credit risks such as the optimization of credit risk exposure in view of IFRS and Basel III, risks regarding credit transferring, reassurance for financial institutions providing guarantee services, and so on.

Furthermore, if in the future it becomes necessary in undertaking credit risks and expanding the transferring businesses, we will consider the possibilities of strategic capital and business partnerships as well as mergers and acquisitions in order to expand our services further.

Enhancing expertise and improving market functions

Our company aims to specialize in undertaking and transferring credit risks, and handles complex and diverse risks that cannot be guaranteed by conventional financial institutions with various other business activities. Therefore, we will make efforts to sophisticate the business process of guaranteeing, analyzing, assessing, and ltransferring credit risks. In order to enhance the assessment ability that is the basis for such processes, we will further develop the assessment system by collecting information and compiling it into our database, thus enhance our ability to analyze risks.

We will strengthen our market making function by converting collected risks into new risk products in forms that meet the needs of various financial institutions based on the track record of the past our businesses as well as the credit analyzing system, while distributing the risks to a greater number of financial institutions in order to ltransfer them.

Furthermore, we will expand our partnerships with overseas financial institutions and actively treat credit risks abroad by establishing an assessment database from a global viewpoint in order to undertake credit risks in transactions between companies not only in Japan but also in Asia, which is seeing remarkable economic growth.