IR Events

September 2000 Established in order to guarantee financial claims owned by factoring companies in offering settlement services for electronic commercial transactions.
March 2007 Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
August 2008 Composed the first fund to invest in companies’ credit risks

(Credit Creation I)

September 2009 Started services to purchase bills in order to meet the needs of companies procuring funds
November 2009 Newly composed a fund

(Credit Investment I)

December 2011 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section
January 2012 Acquired a business from a major French credit insurance group
March 2012 Established a joint venture handling electronic claims in April through an agreement with NEC Capital Solutions Limited.
May 2012 Awarded Best Japan Hedge Fund in the Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Fund Awards 2012
December 2012 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section
November 2011 Established subsidiary which specialized mainly in contract-related administrative
work and data registration services. 

(eGuarantee Solution, Inc)

March 2014 Established subsidiary which specialized provider of small-ticket credit guarantee services.

(RG Guarantee, Inc)

September 2014 Newly composed a fund

(Credit Guarantee I)

April 2015 Newly composed a fund

(Credit Guarantee Ⅱ)

December 2017 Established subsidiary which specialized to carry out various administrative work.

(eGuarantee Shared Services, Inc.)

March 2018 Newly composed a fund

(Credit Guarantee Ⅲ)

May 2019 Newly composed a fund

(Credit Guarantee Ⅳ)

October 2019 Established an investment subsidiary to invest in venture companies

(eGuarantee Investment, Inc)