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We offer services to undertake the risks of various uncollectible debts

Our company offers services to hedge the various credit risks that arise in business transactions. We sign contracts with business companies and financial institutions that want to hedge credit risks to pay security money to them in case of default of obligations for reasons such as bankruptcy.

We have established our own risk handling model to act

Leveraging our copious experience in undertaking risks, we perform analysis and evaluation using tools such as our independent database which includes qualitative information, and also investigate legal matters regarding the debts in order to transfer them to institutions. In transferring credit risks, we restructure the risk portfolio so that all institutions will find it easier to invest in credit risks as a means of fund management.

Our Strength and Characteristics

Expertise in credit risks

Our company is geared specifically toward undertaking credit risks and transferring them to various institutions, and we have long experience in assessing credit risks, an area which has been difficult for many conventional financial institutions, as well as in identifying debts that are suitable for guarantees. We are currently the leading company and the only listed company in the field of undertaking and transferring credit risks. We have the largest market share in this market. Furthermore, leveraging our strength as a company engaged only in undertaking risks, we have been active in undertaking a variety of credit risks. As a result, we have been able to flexibly develop products that meet the risk-hedging needs of our clients dealing with various types of debt risks generated in commercial transactions both domestically and internationally.

Various methods of transferring credit risks

Our company does not hold risks ourselves but rather transfers them to multiple financial institutions and funds both in Japan and abroad, making it possible for us to handle many risks regardless of our size. We also break down risks into small units to transfer them to multiple financial institutions, meaning that we can transfer credit risks through the distribution of functions at a low cost. Also, because we transfer expensive risks to low-cost risks, we are also able to deal with expensive risks.
Furthermore, while collecting various types of risks has made expected probability of default more likely, it has also made it possible for us to cut costs in risk evaluation and in gathering the information necessary therefore risk evaluation. Our company benefits from the size of the risk guarantee service industry while keeping costs low in handling expensive risks by transferring risks to business opportunities for multiple financial institutions.

Partnerships with influential companies

So that we do not depend only on our own management resources, we have built a sales network through cooperation with local banks with strong connections with local communities, major banking corporations and their insurance agencies, securities companies, leasing companies, and commercial corporations such as trading companies, among others. Such sales channels have allowed us to enhance our credibility while collecting many credit risks.